Kukay's Roanka


We remember the day we picked you up from kennel Kukay’s in Belgium as if it were yesterday.

Halfway home we stopped at the Mac Donald to have a quick lunch, you walked inside with your waggling tale held high as if you had been there hundred times before.

The same way you walked into our house were you toke a very important place in our lives. Always happy, always friendly towards people and other animals, never scared, a fantastic mom for your offspring, very stable up until your last day.

Our girl, our granny, our super dog….forever in our hart.

It is o.k. you can rest now.

Kukay’s Roanka born 23-12-1993 died 18-03-2008

Pedigree name: Kukay's Roanka
Name: Roanka
Born: 23-12-1993
Deceased: 18-03-2008
Gender: Female
NHSB: 2050841
LOSH 726822

Roanka's pedigree


About Roanka:
Roanka was a strongly built female with a very social, quiet, and stable character. She was very independent.

Roanka turned out to be a breeding-female which every breeder dreams of, calm and friendly, a female who kept the litter clean for a very for a long time and also remained very social with visitors.

As a sport dog she could have shown more power in all components, however, she had a beautiful full dry full and hard bite which she has passed on to several of her offspring.

We still are very grateful to Annemarie of kennel Kukay's for this amazing dog.

In the first 3 pictures on this page, you can see she was still standing strong at the age of 14 years.

Roanka Roanka

Roanka Roanka

Roanka Roanka