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I am Jeannette Bout, together with my husband Roel we breed Tervuren out of top Malinois working dogs. We train our own dogs in KNPV (Dutch police dog program) and Ipo Our dogs really want to work. We look for dogs that have a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and personality. They possess the strong character that is correct for the breed. You cannot compare them with the 'show' tervuren. We try to breed Tervuren who are capable of all kinds of work, especially IPO/Schutzhund and KNPV training. In order to accomplish this goal, we only use longhaired dogs out of good working Malinois. These Malinois have been selected for many generations of good working qualities. Dogs from our kennel are active in IPO, KNPV, SAR, Obedience and agillety. Our dogs and offspring off our dogs worked as police dogs, therapie dogs and signal dogs, We hope you have a nice time looking arround our site.



In our breeding program, we select for good health, pleasant and spontaneous characters, and good working drives. We pay a lot of attention to socialization. Our puppies are accustomed to kids, other dogs, and cats. They live with us in our home as a part of the family.


Tervurens out of Malinois?
Vulcan de la Rouquine Some people don't understand how this happens, so I will try to explain. Occasionally two Malinois produce a longhaired puppy. This is possible because in earlier days of the Belgian Shepherd breed, the four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd were not separated for breeding. There are still many Malinois who carry this (invisible) genetic factor for longhair. By breeding two of these dogs, approximately 25% of the puppies in a litter will be longhaired. The German Shepherd has a similar genetic possibility, but in this breed longhair is not a wanted characteristic. In the Belgian Shepherd, on the other hand, it is simply a different variety of the same breed.
In Holland, there are a few breeders who are trying to breed longhaired Belgian Shepherd dogs with strong characters and no health problems. They try to do this by using the Malinois working lines. The first results are promising, and although not 'show quality' they all have a pleasant appearance and look like Tervurens

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