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last update: 10-04-2016


Next breeding expected 2017 (see upcoming litter page)






New pictures M Litter



Saturday 1 October 10 pups were born

5 males and 5 female

One male is looking for a active home


We have had a succesful mating between Impact and Cayden, we expect puppies early October

We picked the male for our next breeding, take a look on our Breeding plans page


We congratulate Joke Verkade with Jersy de la Rouquine with their Ipo 3 and place four at the Rgio-1 championships

09-30-2015 We congratulate Piet Penninga with Jailer de la Rouquine with their very high PH-1 Certificat CL with 430 (max 435) points

09-20-2015 We congratulate Joke Verkade with Jersy de la Rouquine with their Ipo-2 certicifat (A-99 / B-85 / C-90) and their plce four at the Noorderlicht Bokaal

08-10-2015 We congratulate Impress and his new handler with their KNPV toetsing diensthond certificat

June 13 Impress and Jailer de la Rouquine won first price in the Nationale koppelwedstrijd voor politie honden te Dommelen

New pictures L litter

Due to cancelation one male is still looking for a active owner


We picked the neames of the puppies

The males: Lazer, Legend, Link, Leader and Lando de la Rouquine

The females: Lightning, Liquid, Lyric, Lava and Level de la Rouquine


May 25 Impact gave birth to 10 puppies, 5 males and 5 females. Due to cancelation one male is loking voor a active home


We congratulate Joke with her male Jersy de la Rouquine with their Ipo - 1 certificate with the high soore of 96-84-96 points!


Utrasound showed puppies, Impact is pregnant

March 23 Impact was bred to Jakson, puppies expexted around May 25.

We picked the male for our next breeding, take a look on our Breeding plans page

Impulse de la Rouquine (Blacer) became Dutch champion OBE 3 for the second time, apart from that he became overall winner and best combination of the day, we congratulate his owner Anette Lens with this fantastic result.

Impress ended at place 4 at the Ditch KNPV Championships !

IMPRESS DE LA ROUQUINE is going to the Dutch KNPV championships in Eindhoven on Friday September 5

During the nomination competition afd. Friesland Impress scored the impressive score of 405 out of 406 points on Object

This score combined with his score 401 (406) on his Object certificate is most likely enough to be a participant at the Dutch KNPV champion ships 2014 in september


upcoming litters news..

On march 19 Impact gave birth to 4 females and 1 male 


Ultra sound confirmed that Impact is pregnant, puppies expected arround march 21 (see upcoming litters for information)


Januari 17 Impact was succesfully mated to Apache van Metcol's Home (see litter plans)

Arround march we expect puppies from Impact and Apache van Metcol's Home (see litter plans)


october 26 Impact got her Ipo 2 with A-91 B-95 and C-91 points


october 12 Impress obetained his KNPV Object certificate CL with 401 out of 406 points

The same day his brother Blacer (Impulse de la Rouquine) owned by Anette Lens became Dutch Champion Obe 3 with the FHN


october 5 Impact won the BC competion de Randmeren Bokaal with B-91 and C-93 points, these were allso the highest points of the day in both diciplines


new page Zelda

new pics Impress, impact en Jive


Dizzy de la Rouquine †

new pictures and movie J-nest en Impress

nest J

28 september 2012 (names of the pups, see upcoming litter)

Saterday 15 september 3 males and 5 females were born!

Ultra sound confirmed Impact's pregnancy!

On 17 july Impact has been mated, see litter plans!

We choose the male for our next breeding, Drakar du Clos d'Ypsi (see upcoming litters)

Drakar du Clos d`Ypsi

June 30 Impress de la Rouquine with his handler R. Mulder obtained his PH-1 certificat with LOF with 426 points Congratulations on this great job!

june 11/12 Invader de la Rouquine (Lest) became second in the individual ranking of the Durch Verenigings bokaal with the score of 90-94-95 points, congratulations 

Impress toke down the helper twice on his second rehursel day, foto's can be found on the site of the KNPV afdeling Friesland (oefendag) Impress wil go for the zomerkeuring june 30 th

Anette Lens with (Blacer) Impulse de la Rouquine obtaind a fifth place in there debuut in the B-1 competition on the VP congratulations

Invader de la Rouquine Owned by Joke Verkade obtained a fifth place at the Regio 1 championship with 99-92-94 points, they were the highest scoring dog in part A

march 24 Anette and Blacer (Impulse) de la Rouquine Obtained their G&G-2 certificat in a competition, they toke second place. Sunday they scored a first place in agility VP they were the fastest combination! Congratulations, Anette and Blacer!

Impress did his first trail, look at his page for more info

Unfortunaly no puppies wil be born from the combination Impact / Imany

Invader de la Rouquine (Lest) obtained his Ipo 2 with 75-95-96 points!

Invader de la Rouquine (Lest) HD-A and ED free

Impact de la Rouquine obtained her Ipo 1 certificat with 85-93-99 points!

We choose the male for our next breeding, see upcoming litters!

Imany von Nacheron



Health results Impact de la Rouquine HD-A / Ellbows free

Impulse de la Rouquine (Blacer) owned by Annete promoted into B-1 agility, congratulations!

In juli Invader de la Rouquine (Lest) owned by Joke Verkade obtained his Ipo 1 certificat with 94-94-97 points, congratulations!  

26 deceber 8 puppies were born m: Kelly Yoyo van Rooverehof HD-A / ED free (participant world championship agility 2009 and 2010) x Impress de la Rouquine HD-A / ED free (in training PH-1)

1 male is still looking for a new home. Puppies show open characters, we expect them to be extreemly sutable for agility and other dog sports. For information look at (puppies) ore call breeder Dimphy Gerritsma 0031-765021138

 In novemder Impact de la Rouquine obtained her VZH / BH diploma and in februari she obetained het Lawine hond -A

In november Invader de la Rouquine (Lest) obtained his VZH / BH diploma

In november Impuls (Blacer) became Dutch champion G&G-B

New: Pictures Impress, Impact and Vulcan

We are planning a litter for 2011

The guestbook is on line

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photographer: R. Bosma and others