Nala de la Rouquine

Pedigree name: Impress de la Rouquine
Name: Impress
Born: 17-01-2009
Gender: Male
NHSB: 2734642

HD-A / ED free / spondilosis free (6 years)

PH-1 met LOF 426 (440) points (2012)

Object met LOF 401 (406) points (2013)

Nominatie Object 405 (406) points (2014)

Place 4 at the KNPV championships 2014 Object

First place Nationale koppelwedstrijd voor politie honden in Dommelen together with Jailer de la Rouquine

Toetsing Object certificat 2015 with his new handler


Impress`s pedigree



About Impress:

Impress is a deep red medium size male with an athletic body. He has an open and social personality. He staps into the world with a happy outgooing attitude. During his training, examinations and competitions he shows a lot of drive and is easy to handle. He is the type of dog that stays young verry long, so you need to keep that in mind training him. Impress is verry athletic, jumps verry easy and can run next to the bike in a high speed for many kilometers. He allways loves to work and is a joy to work with.

Impress is currently working as security dog at Allround Dogsecurity 



June 30 Impress obtained his PH-1 certificat with LOF , 426 points. He took the helper down again. foto`s are also on the site of the Dutch KNPV afd. Friesland

Impress Obtained his Object guard certificat with the high score of 401 points met LOF he allso participated in the nimination competition afd. Friesland and scored even higher 405 out 406 points.

Impress scored an Impressive 405 points (max 406) Object guard during his nomination competition for the Dutch KNPV championships.

In september Impress will join the Nederlands kampioenschap politiehonden, this is the biggest KNPV competition in Holland.

Impress came in at place 4 during the KNPV championships 2014 Oject.

Together with Jailer de la Rouquine Impress won de nationale koppelwedstrijd voor politie honden 2015. 

In August he took his Toestsing KNPV Object together with his new handler with a good result, we took Impress out of competition, he is currently working as security dog with Allround Dogsecurity

Still available for breeding


At his second trail on march 18 Impres took down the helper twice, again he did a fantastic job!

Impress dit his firts trail on march 10 in Assen.. In the middle of malinois and x-malinois he showed everybody a Terv. can work really well. Now we need to work on small points to bring him towards his certificat. Impress will trail in Summer for his PH-1 (police dog KNPV) certificat.


Nomination bOject 405 (406) points



Impres water work


Long attack


Bite work 16 months


High jump


Iron retrieve


Wide jump


Garding an object



10 months


 Impress 10 maanden








 Impress 11 weeks old

Impress 11 weken

Impress 13 week old

Impress 13 weken